Fractions, fractions, fractions!

It seems to be all fractions, fractions, fractions this week! I have been working with Year 3 Bluebirds as they discover a whole range of equivalent fractions and show me what they understand about finding different fractions of numbers. I must say that I am very impressed with how far they have come with this work. Meanwhile as I go through our Year 5 groups, I see how well they are progressing with mixed numbers. It is such an important part of the maths curriculum to learn all we can about fractions – I am sure the year 6 teachers will be delighted to see such progress as they prepare for next year. Elsewhere, in Year 2 Toucans, the children have been working tremendously hard as they complete their SATs tests – and I was so pleased (but not surprised) to see how well they tackled the questions.

For Year 6, the long awaited time arrived this morning for them to take off for three days to learn in the great outdoors on their residential trip to the Pioneer Centre. There is so much opportunity to work, play and live together at the centre – it even stopped raining for a while as they set off on the coach. I was quite envious of Mrs Croft, Mrs Sabir and Mr Gill as they too packed their bags to join in the fun. Have a fantastic and well-deserved break from the classroom Year 6 – you have really earned it!

At the other end of the school – in Year 1 Puffins, I have really enjoyed reading the work on pirates – with lots of high quality writing and artwork on display. Well done Puffins! You have worked very hard and clearly enjoyed your learning!

I am off now to see how our Nursery Chicks are doing – lots to report on, I am sure, in my next blog!


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