Star of the Week

Amaya in Swans Reception class

After a long hard week helping to sort out Year 6 SATs, it’s good to get back to normal a bit and deal with the nicer parts of school life. So what better way to spend time than with my absolute star of the week – Amaya in Swans class! To be fair, Amaya has been producing excellent writing for weeks and weeks, but I finally got a chance to listen as she read aloud her entire story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. All six pages of it! Luckily Mrs Johnson was passing so Amaya also got a “dip in the box” as well as a special sticker. We are very proud of you Amaya!

Right – now to seek out next week’s star…could it be you?

Amaya’s excellent writing


3 thoughts on “Star of the Week

  1. What an absolute STAR!! A very proud granny.

    • Re Amaya Atkin Chew Headteacher Mrs Butterworth’s Star of the Week. What an absolute STAR!!! A very proud Naggi. (granny)

  2. Barry Connolly / May 24, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    Very well done, Amaya! That is excellent writing.

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