Pippa’s ‘Incy Wincy’ story

It’s the end of another week at Bells Farm – I just can’t believe that we are so close to half-term already! I’ve just finished sorting out my Excellent Work list, as it has been my pleasure to be teaching maths to my Year 6 group. I have been so impressed at how quickly they have picked up long multiplication and division – lots of adults still struggle with this. Elsewhere, I have been walking through some great talk for writing skills in Year 3 – great storyboards and it was lovely to hear that the children were developing their skills from Year 2. Paperwork has kept me in my office too much this week, and I have had little time to see learning in action in other classes– but I was so happy when Pippa from Year 1 Puffins read me the story she had written at home about Incy Wincy Spider. Fabulous reading as well Pippa – well done!

I have managed to get into breakfast and After School clubs quite a lot this week, and it has been lovely to see you playing so well together. I have to say as well that the displays of your work in the clubs in the dining room look fabulous. I am so pleased that after a long day in school that you can still find your creative skills!


2 thoughts on “Pippa’s ‘Incy Wincy’ story

  1. Barry Connolly / October 23, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    Well done, Pippa! Excellent writing.

  2. well done pippa

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