“Language for thinking”

It has been such a busy week after our half-term holiday! We had the school photographer in on Wednesday, and things went very smoothly all morning as families got together to say a big “cheese”, followed by all the individual photos. Later on in the year I look forward to seeing the class photos being taken – make sure all the teachers look as smart as you did children!

The second annual event was showing prospective new parents around the school, as they are hoping that their children will have a place in our Reception class next September. I must say how proud I was of all of our children and staff. Not only was behaviour as good as we expect, but the parents were so impressed with all of the learning they saw in action. Swans and Owls had just finished their “language for thinking” and were exploring all the themes of Bonfire Night – they were very happy to talk about their learning to the mums and dads. As we went around the school, parents could see and hear talk for writing going on as children were retelling stories together, as well as different areas of maths. One dad said to me that he couldn’t believe that children in Year 2 were doing multiplication arrays! Well done everyone – just another week of hard work for the folks of Bells Farm!


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