Poetry assembly

Oh it’s good to see the end of the snow! As I write, it is slowly melting away and we should all be out after lunch getting some fresh air. Despite missing Friday, you wonderful children remembered your lines so well this morning in the Poetry Assembly. I was almost crying one moment and laughing the next, with such a range of classical poems (“If” by Rudyard Kipling is one of my favourites!) and finishing off with the wonderful rapping gran from Year 3. What a finale! I look forward to watching it again on the website.

Other things to look forward to, include the Mother’s Day assembly from Year 3 Bluebirds on Wednesday. I will definitely be crying then! You have certainly been working hard on your performances, Bluebirds! It will be a nice break from teaching algebra in Year 6 (only kidding Eagles – you have been truly wonderful, tackling problems that I used to do when I was about 14!) The curriculum has certainly changed, but I am so proud of you for meeting all of its challenges.


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