Co-operation and kindness

Well, as I sit here writing, the rain is pelting down and we have had another wet play day. However, it has been a joy to see how well children in Bells Farm get along together and play so well. After School Club is full of the winter spirit as the children are enjoying some Arts and Crafts, designing woollen mittens, and throughout the school today I have seen some wonderful examples of co-operation and kindness to one another. Well done for keeping those values at the centre of everything you do, children!

I have enjoying wandering through school and seeing how fantastically well we are cracking on with maths mastery. Children seem to be growing more confident each day with use of the manipulatives to represent their maths. Our results this year in both key stage 1 and 2 maths are outstanding, so we know it pays off. My own Year 6 group has proved how multiplication of fractions works using bar models and I have to say that all of year 6 are really knuckling down to their work in this important year.

With the Christmas Fayre around the corner, I am hoping that our new furry friends find a lovely family to live with soon. Don’t forget to guess their names – year 6 will be coming round the classes and will be in the playground this week and next.

Right, I will sign off and see whether my car has been washed away!


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